A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Play 3 classic games simultaneously on one computer with one Controller. 3 games

(Pacman, Pong, and Space-Invaders) are played at the same time. The games each take up a full screen, and are in either red, green, or blue. When two colours (games) overlap, the colours are mixed to generate the resulting colour, so it looks like all 3 games are translucent. It is possible to play all 3 games at once with one controller, but you can also disable the graphics of the games, as well as adjust their brightness.

Currently, only an Atari ST version and a DOS version are available. The Atari ST version can be played with an emulator, and the DOS version can be played with DOSBox.


Video Game I 0.5 for Atari ST 50 kB
Video Games I alpha 3 for DOS 147 kB

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